Welcome to San Antonio Sports' inaugural Corporate Cup. This event combines friendly competition, employee camaraderie, wellness, athletic skills and charitable giving to produce a Corporate Cup Champion in each of four divisions.

If you would like to participate as a UTSA RoadRunner, please fill out & submit the below form.
1. Please enter your full name:
2. Please select your age range from the drop-down menu:
3. Please select your gender:
4. Please enter your UTSA email address:
5. Please enter your t-shirt size:
There are limited spots available for each event. Selecting more than one choice below will help us to ensure that everyone can participate in at least one event.
6. Please rank the following events in order of your preference:
1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice4th Choice5th Choice
Golf Chipping
Corn Toss
Soccer Kicks
Football Throw
Frisbee Toss
Basketball 3-point shootout
Basketball 3v3 Tournament
Dodgeball Tournament
Tug of War
4x400m Relay Race
4x100m Relay Race
5K Run
5K Wellness Walk
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