Why RAC?

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this survey. The Religiously Affiliated Camps (RAC) Council will use the information you share to better serve ACA's religiously affiliated camping community.
1. Describe your camp type, checking all that apply.
2. With what religious tradition does your camp identify?
3. Which of the following best describes your RAC membership?
4. What RAC services have you used/participated in, and how valuable was each service to you?
PricelessValuableFairly helpful or interestingNot sureTime is better spent elsewhereNo Value
Attended RAC Luncheon
Read RAC newsletter
Participate in CRLN e-network
Have participated in surveys
Have read/used survey results
Contributed to newsletter
Served on RAC Council
Attended RAC networking session at a national or regional ACA Conference
Attended RAC educational session at a national or regional ACA Conference
5. What services would you like to see RAC provide, and would you be willing to pay more than the $35 membership fee for the service?
Would like to seeWould pay extra
Online social networking
Online chat/discussion groups
More frequent newsletters
More frequent email updates
6. Do you participate in another network of faith-based camps?
Which one(s)?
7. What kind of resources does your network provide?
How valuable are those resources to you?
N/AI wish we had this!PricelessValuableFairly helpful or interestingNot sureTime is better spent elsewhereNo Value
Board Resources
Curriculum Resources
Group Purchasing
Job Listings
Local/Regional Events
National Events
Online Social Networking
Staff Training
Workshops/Educational Sessions
8. What makes your camp distinctive as a religiously-affiliated camp?
9. How does your camp invite or promote spiritual formation?
10. RAC promises not to sell your info, send you spam, or otherwise hassle you.
Items below are optional; please share if you would like a follow-up contact with RAC.
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