Cattle Exchange Survey

1. Are you a beef cattle producer, or work in a beef cattle operation?
2. If you answered YES to question 1, What segment(s) of the cattle industry do you participate in, and at what levels?
1-99 head100-399 head400+ head
Cow/Calf (ave. no. of cows in herd)
Stocker/Backgrounding (ave. head inventoried during a year)
Fed beef (owned and fed or fed for others during a year)
3. If you answered NO, to question 1, Which of the following would best describe your involvement or interest in the beef industry and
4. What state are you located in?
5. Please rate on a scale of 6 – 1 (Agree – Disagree) on the following statements.
6-Strongly Agree54321-Strongly Disagree
Easy to register
Easy to list cattle
Easy to search
Offers lots of detail on Cattle for sale listings
Has a large number of cattle listings
Best site for connecting buyers & sellers of cattle
6. Why did you initially visit
7. On a scale of 6-0 (where 6 is definitely will, and 0 is definitely will not) how likely will you be to use/visit in the future?
6-Definitely Will543210-Definitely Will Not
Will continue to use Cattle Exchange
8. Thank you for your time. If you would like to be included in the drawing for a $25 Visa card, please provide your name and e-mail address below.
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