2013 Kit Survey - Teams


This survey is intended for BEST teachers, students and mentors that participated in the 2013 competition.

It questions this group about the BEST Kit and its usage.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide us with this valuable feedback.
1. Which hub do you belong to?
2. Are you a?
3. Did all of the Returnable Kit items received from your hub work?
Please reference the 2013 Returnable Kit List
4. Did your hub provide you with Return Kit replacement parts promptly when needed (e.g., for parts that broke or became non-functional)?
5. Did you use any kits parts that were not supplied by your hub?
6. If you had to eliminate three items from the Consumable Kit, what would they be?
Please reference the 2013 Consumable Kit List
7. If you could add one new item to the Consumable Kit, what would it be?
8. Did your hub offer any kit related teacher or student training?
9. Did your hub provide any kit related information in your Kickoff Presentation?
10. Any other comments about the BEST kits?
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