2013 Graduate Employment Survey

1. Graduate Survey - Widener Law

Class of 2013
1. Please enter your contact information. Please note that a valid e-mail address is required.
2. Race/Ethnicity
3. Demographic information: Disability Status
4. What is your employment status?
5. If employed, when did you receive job offer?
6. If employed, my job is/will be (check all that apply)
7. If employed, my job is (check one):
8. If employed, my job is with a (select one):
9. If employed with a law firm, how many attorneys?
10. If employed with a business, what industry and job title?
11. If employed, current or starting salary:[note: we collect salary information to provide current and prospective students and alumni with realistic information about attorney salaries. We report the collected data without personal identifying information.]
12. If employed, source of job (select one)
13. May we share your answers to the above questions with wht Widener Alumni Relations Office for their statistical analysis only?
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