2013 Pediatric Grand Rounds Survey

Our goal is to design Seattle Children’s CME programs that are informative and relevant.

We appreciate your taking a moment to complete this survey to help us assess how best to meet your educational needs and wishes in our weekly Grand Rounds program.
1. Please indicate which of these apply to you.
2. Location of your practice.
3. Are you enrolled in a project to meet the new requirements for maintenance of certification for the American Board of Medical Specialties and/or the American Board of Pediatrics?
4. In the past year how often have you attended Pediatric Grand Rounds?
5. Please check ALL of the reasons why you don't attend Pediatric Grand Rounds.
6. Please check the places you get your more than 50 hours a year of required Washington State CME:
7. Do you watch Grand Rounds on the seattlechildrens.org website?
8. If you watch Grand Rounds online, do you complete the evaluation for CME Category 1 credit?
9. For each of the following, please circle your level of agreement with the statement.
Totally DisagreeMildly DisagreeNeutralMildly AgreeTotally Agree
I dislike in-person CME
I prefer online CME
I prefer attending CME at a resort
I prefer national CME courses (AAP, NCE, etc.)
In-person lectures are a waste of time
Pediatric Grand Rounds should be discontinued
10. What would it take for you to attend SCH Pediatric Grand Rounds? (Please RANK each statement 1-8 by importance, "1" being the most important.)
Different Day of the week (please specify below)
Different time (please specify below)
Having case-based discussions
Having panel discussions
Providing stations to build skills
Better food
More self-directed learning
More frequent use of audience response in lectures
11. Please specify changes to SCH Pediatric Grand Rounds that would entice you to attend.
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