2013 AIHA Teleweb Poll - "Occupational Exposure Limits—A New Era"

2013 AIHA Teleweb Poll - "Occupational Exposure Limits—A New Era"

Thank you for participating in this poll designed for the AIHA Teleweb "Occupational Exposure Limits—A New Era". The Teleweb is a great way to better learn new information critical to exposure risk assessment and management for understanding how occupational and environmental health professionals utilize exposure limits (OELs) in their practice. The results of this poll will be made available through AIHA and also used to drive future technical initiatives related to OELs.

All occupational and environmental health professionals or anyone who uses exposure limits are welcome to participate. A link to the Teleweb can be found at www.aiha.org - Thanks for participating!
1. Are you taking this survey before or after participating in the 2013 AIHA Teleweb "Occupational Exposure Limits—A New Era"?
2. Does your practice of occupational and environmental health work involve the use of exposure limits (OELs)?
3. If you answer “yes” to # 1, which of the following limits/guidance do you rely upon? Check all that apply.
4. If you responded to more than one item in question #2, do you think you understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of each set of limits/guidance/process and where each applies?
5. If there is no regulatory (e.g. OSHA PEL, German MAK, EU IOELV,...) or authoritative (e.g. ACGIH TLV) for a material, what do you do?
6. How frequently do you incorporate "Working OELs / Hazard Bands / Occ Exposure Bands" into your practice when no regulatory limit exists?
7. Are you familiar with the "Hierarchy of Exposure Controls" ?
8. Are you familiar with the "Hierarchy of OELs" ?
9. If yes, do you use a Hierarchy of OELs in your practice?
10. What criteria do you think are important for determining priority for moving up the Hierarchy of OELs (Check all that apply)?
11. If you had 4 air samples for a worker, how would you interpret if the exposure is acceptable?
12. In your practice, what is your most common interpretation of OELs?
13. In your practice, what is your most common view of the applicability of OELs?
14. General comments related to this survey or AIHA Teleweb:
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