TwinStrata Logo2013 State of Disaster Recovery Survey

1. Is your organization currently using the cloud for any of its storage needs? (Please check one)
2. For which of the following use cases do you currently use or plan to use cloud storage? (check all that apply)
CurrentlyPlan toNo Plans
Application Data
Capacity Expansion
Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.
File Data (non-Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.)
Remote/Branch Office Storage
3. How much of your server environment is virtualized?
4. How much data do you store locally/in the cloud?
Amount of Data
In The Cloud
5. What is your current backup/disaster recovery strategy? (Please check all that apply)
6. If your organization experienced a data disaster, how quickly would you be able to recover your data? (Please check one)
7. If your organization experienced a site disaster, how quickly would you be able to recover your data AND applications? (Please check one)
8. How much does your current backup/DR strategy cost annually? (Please provide your best estimate.)
9. If your business were shut down for a day, how much money would you lose?
10. Where does cloud storage fit into your strategy? (check one)
11. How large is your in-house IT department?
12. Approximately how many people are employed in your organization?
13. What is the principal industry of your organization?
14. Thank you for taking the survey. Please provide your contact information to receive a copy of the survey results once we have collected and analyzed the data.