2012 Ages 6-11 Summer Reading Caregiver Survey

1. Which library location do you and the child visit most often? (You can pick more than one.)
2. What is the child's age? (Note: please fill out the Caregiver's survey for "Ages 0-5" if the child is younger than 6.)
3. What is the child's favorite part of our 2012 Summer Reading program? (You can pick more than one.)
4. Did participation in the Summer Reading program increase the time your child spent on reading this summer?
5. How would you rate the following?
Didn't likeJust OKPretty GoodExcellent
Game board prizes
Grand Prize: Great Wolf Lodge
Game boards
6. What library activities did the child attend?
7. What is the most convenient time for you to attend a library program in the summer? (You can pick more than one.)
8. What changes, if any, would you suggest for next year's Summer Reading program?
9. Additional Comments: (Optional)
Thank you for taking this survey.
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