Survey of Dental Graduates

1. General Information

1. What year did you graduate from the School of Dental Medicine (SDM)?
2. Did you complete postdoctoral education in general dentistry?
3. Did you complete postdoctoral education in an American Dental Association (ADA) recognized specialty? (Please check all that apply)
4. Do you currently announce yourself in any of the specialties listed below? (Please check all that apply)
5. Have you earned any additional degrees since you completed the DDS program? (Please check all that apply)
6. What BEST describes your current primary and/or secondary occupation(s)? Please select ONE response for each column
Armed Forces
Dental Consultant
Dental School Faculty: Full Time
Dental School Faculty: Part-Time
Dental School Faculty: Volunteer
Federal Services (e.g. VA, PHS, IHS)
Health/dental organization staff (e.g. ADA)
Hospital Staff/Faculty Practice dentist
Not in practice
Private practice (full-time)
Private practice (part-time)
Retired: Academic
Retired: Private Practice
State/local government
7. Since graduation have you been involved in any of the following activities/organizations? (Please check all that apply)
8. Did you participate in outreach efforts while attending dental school?
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