Filters & Blocks in K12

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1. In what grade band do you teach? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY
2. Do you agree that filters are necessary in k12 schools?
3. Have you ever been blocked from using a site at school that you felt should not be blocked (either because it was curriculum-relevant or would enhance learning)?
4. Who decides the content that is filtered or blocked for your school/district?
5. Have you read or ever heard of CIPA?
6. What happens when you are faced with the filter or block that denies access to a specific site you need or want for your students' learning or your own professional development? (Select ALL that apply)
7. Who do you feel should decide what content (in accordance with CIPA) is filtered? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY
8. How "safe" does the school filter make you feel when using online resources with your students?
9. Would you use online resources in your k12 environment if there was NO filter?
10. Do you have any final thoughts regarding filters or blocking programs in the k12 school?
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