Interfaith Learning Group Application

1. Personal data

Thank you for your interest in the Interfaith Learning Group of Journeys on the Hill.

There are three sections to this application. The information you provide will be seen only by the groups' organizers to select and form this year's learning groups.

First, please give us some basic contact and personal information about you.
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Preferred telephone number
4. What is your academic program?
5. What is your current religious affiliation? (select as many as apply)
6. If you selected "other" above, please indicate your religious affiliation.
7. What was your religious affiliation during childhood? (select as many as apply)
8. If you selected "other" above, please indicate your religious affiliation during childhood.
9. If you have a partner or spouse with a different religious affiliation from yours, please indicate what that affiliation is here.
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