DU-COMM / 9-1-1 Customer Satisfaction Survey

How Are We Doing?

Your feedback will help us serve your 9-1-1 call better in the future.
1. What was the date and approximate time of your call?
2. For us to track the call, please provide an answer to one of the following questions:
What is the phone number you called 9-1-1 from?
What is the address and town you called 9-1-1 from?
3. Did you place your call from a:
4. DU-COMM is working diligently to provide the very best 9-1-1 service possible. Your input is important to us. Please complete the following survey regarding your phone call.
Promptness in Answering the Phone
Communicating Clearly and Effectively
Overall Satisfaction
5. If you have any suggestions regarding how we could improve the services we provide to you, please enter them in the box below.
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