Navigate the Healthcare System User Survey

1. Navigate the Healthcare System Survey - page 1

1. Why did you visit the Navigate the Healthcare System section of the Taking Charge website? (Please check all that apply.)
2. What parts of the Navigate the Healthcare System section were most helpful to you?
Very helpfulSomewhat helpfulNot helpfulN/A
Why Do I Need to Take Charge?
What's My Role?
How Do I Get the E-Facts?
How Can I Find a Good Provider?
How Can I Communicate Effectively?
How Do I Make Treatment Decisions?
How Can I Ensure Healthy Hospitalization?
What Should I Know About Health Insurance?
3. What are the biggest challenges you face in getting the healthcare you need? (Please select your top 3 challenges and rank them in order from 1-3, with 1 representing the biggest challenge and 3 representing the least challenging aspect.)
4. Did the Navigate the Healthcare System section provide any resources to help you with your top two issues?
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