Roundtable Survey

1. Region 7 P2 Roundtable Meeting

The Region 7 Pollution Prevention Roundtable meeting workgroup is interested in making the meeting better fit the information needs of all the attendees. In pursuit of that hope, we’d like to have you weigh in on the following:
1. Please rank order the top ten topics you would like covered at the next roundtable. The following topics have been pulled from previous attendee suggestions and current suggestions by the planning work group. Use #1 for your most desired topic, #10 for your least. If you have a topic that is important to you and not on the list, please add it in the comments field with the appropriate number.
Management/Big Picture no vote this line
Funding Opportunities for P2 (DPPT, Stormwater, Pretreatment, other…)
Overview of EPA's P2 Program: Who’s Driving & the New National P2 Strategy (What does it mean to me?)
Developing Regional Priorities for Grant Solicitations (Where is the greatest need for P2?)
Tools and Collaboration Opportunities no vote this line
P2 Measures and P2 Results Database (In-depth discussion on how you actually measure and report outcomes)
Transportation E2/P2 Programs (How do we work with them?)
CWA 319 Nonpoint Source Management Program Regional Report (Where's our opportunity?)
Energy Star Portfolio Manager (How does it work, how does it relate?)
Pretreatment Programs (How do we work with them?)
State Intern Programs Convene (Small group breakout, roundtable just for intern programs)
Web 2.0 Applications (Marketing your services and improving peer knowledge with online tools)
Emerging Issues no vote this line
Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) System (What is it? How can we use or learn from it?)
Water as an Emerging Issue (Drought adaptation or water rights; what P2 programs should we emulate?)
Energy Efficiency and Renewables (How best to deploy for impact?)
Building the Energy Bridge-Energy Research
Regulatory Updates no vote this line
New Area Source Rules (Who is affected? What P2 options do they have?)
New Regulation Update (What new regulations incorporate P2?)
Regulatory Targets from EPA Media Programs (What sectors are targeted? How can P2 save them?)
Update on SBAP National Conference (What's SBAP focus? How much P2 are they doing? How can we partner?)
Technical no vote this line
Alternatives to Electro-Chemical Milling Process (Which industrial sectors? What negative effects?)
Geothermal (Who are the best customers? What is best use?)
Carbon Credits (What will the rules be? How do we capitalize on this?)
Finance Options for Business Clients (Who values environmental responsibility in financing? News from Regional Environmental Finance Center.)
Canvassing the P2 Specialists: What Are Best Risk Reduction Techniques You Are Using?
2. Would you be willing to spend a block of your time at this meeting working on a revised roundtable strategy or recommendations for a regional P2 strategy? EPA representatives have suggested that any products from this work time would be considered in developing the regional priority language for the next PPIS solicitation. If you have suggestions for session format or timing, please include in the comment field.
3. What does this meeting need to have in its agenda to ensure your attendance?
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