Zionsville Girl Scout Interest Form

1. Please Read the Following in Regards to your Personal Information

All personal data collected is only for purposes of placing your child in a Zionsville Girl Scout Troop. Survey Monkey has no access to the data collected. It is only accessable to the Service Unit Troop Coodinator via a password protected account. Your information will NOT be used for any solicitations or advertising purposes. Please see link below for further information.


1. Contact Information (If you have more than one child, please fill out additional surveys-sorry for the inconvenience)
2. Which school does your child attend?
3. What Grade is your child in?
4. I would be willing to help out with the girl scout troop by...
5. Please check all which apply...
This Interest Form DOES NOT register your child for Girl Scouts. After a Troop has been designated or created, you will then have to fill out a registration form for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. This will include paying the Registration Fees of $14.00 to be turned into your child's troop leader. (Fees cover National & Zionsville registration costs only...Troop Dues are additional and are decided by each Individual Troop.)
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