Stayfitbug Survey

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1. Where in the world are you?
2. Do you buy fitness Equipment/Accessories?
3. What piece of fitness equipment will you purchase in the next 6-12 months?
4. What type of fitness equipment do you use at home?
5. Do you use supplements?
6. What supplements do you use or tried
7. How many times a week do you workout?
8. What is Your Age?
9. What is your current status?
10. What is your marital status?
11. What is your yearly income?
12. What are your personal pain points when building muscle?
13. Do u include bodyweight exercises into your workout?
14. What weightlifting plateaus have you faced?
15. Do you workout when you are on vacation?
16. What music do you prefer to listen to when you workout
17. Do you have a high or low metabolism?
18. Do you Have a 6 pac?
19. Do you drink alcohol?
20. Do you smoke?
21. What is your best looking body part?
22. Have you performed any exercises that I have covered since reading articles on that you hadn't previously tried?
23. Which exercises?
24. Name a famous person whose body you would love to have.
25. Describe a great protein shake recipe that you have tried.
26. How many meals do you eat per day?
27. How many Large?
28. How many small?
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