Geneva Fire Department - Fire Prevention Inspection Survey

A Note from the Fire Chief...

Your feedback, positive or negative, is important to the operations of the Geneva Fire Department. Therefore, I look forward to your reply. Should you have any questions or wish to contact me directly, please feel free to call me at
(630)232-2530 during normal business hours.
Steve Olson, Fire Chief
1. Please enter the numbers located in the lower left corner of the postcard you received. - Thank you!
Example: 161-0000-00
2. Recently members of the Geneva Fire Department conducted a fire inspection of your business.

Based on your experience, please answer the following:

The firefighter(s)...
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Projected a positive first impression
Were polite and courteous
Seemed knowledgeable
Answered your questions completely
Explained all deficiencies in a clear and understandable manner
3. Did you receive a copy of your fire inspection?
4. Were you asked for updated emergency contact information for your business or property?
5. Is there anything that the Geneva Fire Department should do to improve the quality of this service?
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