Sell your soul to Lucifer, THE REAL PACT

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1. This is your Majesty, the Most High God, the Lord Lucifer. For Lo, I Lucifer give you what you desire, see my blessing unto thee from such results of my own works.
Would you like to be blessed with what you desire?
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2. In the name of Satan, Lucifer, Belial & Leviathan and in the company of Astaroth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Abbadon & Azazel, & by all the demons named and nameless who swarm the Pits of Hell, I do happily sell my soul to the Devil, Satan-Lucifer, in exchange for
3. Yes, Oh my God and Lord Lucifer, I the person who has made a pact with you, I Oh Lord Lucifer denounce all unrighteous faith in the Holy Trinity of the Holy Bible, I denouce of all names of Jesus Christ, of Yahu Shuah, of Yshuah I denouce EliYahu, I denounce YHVH, I denouce YHVH Yisrael Shmaa, I O Lucifer the light of my soul denouce any other name.
4. Sign It with your First Name and Last. If you do not feel safe with your full name, perhaps use a "Nickname for your Last Name", Lucifer expects atleast a First Name or this will not take place. I recommend a First and Last for a blessing.
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