RDH magazine annual salary survey

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1. Thank you for participating in the 2008 RDH magazine salary survey. What is your estimate for your total annual income as a dental hygienist in 2008?
2. In which state do you practice?
3. If you do not earn any commission for your salary, please list your hourly or daily rate here.
4. If you do earn an commission for a significant portion of your salary, please briefly describe the pay arrangements you have with your employer(s).
5. Which setting best describes the office(s) where you practice dental hygiene?

6. In what type of dental setting do you primarily practice?
7. For how many years have you been a licensed hygienist?
8. Approximately how many hours a week do you personally practice?
9. Are you personally covered by health insurance?
10. How would you rate the financial health of the dental practice(s) that employ you?
11. When did you last receive a raise?
12. Thank you for completing this survey. One last question. Do you think you are receiving raises from your employer(s) at a fair interval?
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