Members' Survey of Screen Actors Guild Branch Web Sites

1. Screen Actors Guild Member

1. What best describes your relationship with the Screen Actors Guild?
2. Which regional division/branch of Screen Actors Guild are you affiliated with?
Please refer to your membership card if you are unsure of your local branch affiliation.
3. Please rate the following activities in order of importance to you.
Very ImportantImportantNot SureLess ImportantNot Important
Paying my membership dues online
Checking the status of my residuals online
Filling out forms online
Using the iActor online casting database
Getting contract information including daily minimums and work rules
Update my address and telephone information
Find out what’s happening at the Guild
Download important documents like the constitution, contracts and other.
4. Which of these features do you feel you need on your Branch web page?
(select all that apply)
5. What other specific information do you look for when you visit
(select all that apply)
6. Please indicate your age range.

7. What is the Internet connection speed you use most frequently to browse the Web?

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