Thrill Seekers and Adventurers Club

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1. What kind of activities are you looking for?
Not at allOccasionallyFrequentlyAll the time
Thrills (sky diving, cliff jumping, hang gliding, trapeze school)
Outdoors (hiking, surfing, camping, trail running, biking, frisbee golf)
Socializing (happy hours, BBQs)
2. Where do you want activities?
Not at allOccasionallyFrequentlyAll the time
In San Francisco (GG Park, Presidio)
Outside the city but close by (Marin Headlands, Mt Tam, Muir Beach)
Really outside! (Yosemite, Tahoe)
3. When do you want activities?
Not at allSometimesFrequentlyAll the time
Weekend long trips
4. How much would you like each of these activities?
Not interestedMight be interestedSounds awesome!
Full moon hike to Muir Beach
Camping trip to Yosemite
Surf lessons
Explore the waterfalls at Mt Diablo
Frisbee golf in GG Park
Run/bike to Sausalito, drink on the waterfront, and ferry back
5. What days of the week are best for a monthly happy hour?
6. What specific activities would you like?
7. Are there any activities you'd like to lead? (An awesome hike? Surf or rock climbing lessons?) If so, let us know what you'd like to lead and leave us your name and email.
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