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Thanks for clicking through to help us with our research, it's much appreciated. There are only a few questions and it should take no more than 3 minutes. In return we're offering you the chance to win a fantastic Apple iPod Nano 8GB and also to be one of the very first people to hear about an exciting new development for gadget lovers and fans of new technology throughout the UK!
1. How likely would you be to join a UK-based society for enthusiasts of consumer electronics, gadgets and cutting-edge technology?
2. How would you rate the following features of such a club?
Very importantQuite importantNot that importantNot at all important
Exclusive product preview meetings
Online social networking
Online shop
Magazine or newsletter
Introductory free gift
Discounts at relevant retailers
Ask existing owners about their experience
Face-to-face social meetings
Help getting the most out of your purchases
Chance to try products before you buy
Product reviews
3. How much would you pay in annual subscription for such a 'gadget club' (in GBP) if it offered all the benefits you would want?
£5 to £9.99£10 to £14.99£15 to £19.99£20 to £24.99£25 to £29.99£30 to £35
The absolute most you would pay
The amount you'd happily pay
4. From where did you get to this survey?
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