Coaching Evaluation

This is completely confidential.

Please answer all questions honestly. If rating a coach low, please explain your answer in the space provided under each section. Additional comments
can be entered at the bottom of page. You comments are what will help us improve.


1. Are you a parent or player?
2. Which coach are you evaluating?
3. What age group are you evaluating?
4. Communication
Coach communicated well about team goals and expectations.
Coach addressed comments and/or concerns.
Coach's instructions are clear and easy to understand.
5. Does your coach display a positive attitude and set a positive example regarding the following:
Laws of the Game
Other Coaches
6. Attitude
The coach displayed a positive attitude during practice.
The coach displayed a positive attitude during games.
The coach displayed a positive attitude towards myself.
7. General
The coach used practice time effectively.
The coach was prepared for practice.
The coach was prepared for games.
The coach displayed knowledge of the game of soccer.
The coach related to the age group in which he/she were coaching.
My child or I had fun and enjoyed this soccer season.
My child or I would play for this coach again.
I feel that the coach helped me or my child become a better soccer player.
The coach treated everyone equally and fairly.
Coach maintained order during practice.
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