Registration & Records Survey

1. Thank you for electing to complete this survey. Your input is greatly appreciated. We welcome all comments and suggestions.
How was service provided to you?
2. What was the date of service?
Please select the appropriate date.
3. What was the approximate time of day?
4. Overall Experience:
5. Please complete the following demographic information. This data will assist us in the analysis of this survey.
I am currently a:
6. Enrollment status:
7. Services-Which service(s) did you request from Registration and Records?
8. Greeting or acknowledged by staff:
9. Treated with courtesy and respect:
10. Respected customer confidentiality:
11. Professional and organized work space:
12. Timeliness of service provided:
13. Knowledge of office staff:
14. Overall impression of the office:
15. If you feel that a particular area of service needs our attention, or you would like to provide any additional comments, please enter your information in the space provided below.
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