1. How were you first introduced to the North Shore 22?
2. Was this website as helpful as you would have liked?
3. When are you planning on purchasing a boat?
4. How would you power your boat?
5. Would you prefer your boat with a Gel-Cote finish or an Awl-Grip finish? With teak trim or without?
With teak trim
6. How would you primarily be using your boat? (you may choose more than one)
7. When purchasing a boat what features are most important to you? Please rate from #1 to #5, #1 being the most important.
The ability to trailer.
The overall look of the boat.
The ride and sea keeping abilities.
Handling and maneuverability.
The noise level of the boat at speed.
8. In having a custom boat built, please rate from #1 to #4 what would be most important to you. #1 being the most important.
Working one on one with the builder.
Being able to pick from a multitude of options.
The ability to check in and see progress on your boat.
The overall quality, fit and finish.
9. If Grey Barn Boatworks were to offer a 25' center console with some accommodations below a flush forward deck, is this a boat you would consider purchasing?
10. In your opinion, do you feel a custom boat justifies a higher cost than an above average production line boat?
If yesIf no
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