Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire for TMDL Web site

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1. Please answer the following questions on a scale of 1 to 6 (1 being Very Satisfied and 6 being Very Dissatisfied):

How satisfied are you with the following aspects of this site?
Access to other resources
Access to data
Content Organization
Amount of content
Technical information
2. How satisfied are you that this site provides a good overview of the Clean Water Act section 303(d)program (Impaired Waters Lists and TMDL program)?
3. How satisfied are you that this site provides all the information you need?
4. Which group best describes your role in coming to our site?
5. How often do you visit the 'Impaired Waters and TMDL' Web site?
6. How long have you been involved in 303(d) listing or TMDL-related work?
7. If we may contact you in the future about your survey please type your email address.
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