Flex Builder Pre-Release Program Application

The next generation of Adobe Flex Builder has significant new features designed to help developers of traditional HTML web applications develop rich Flash user interfaces atop their existing server-side logic. In order to ensure that the features are appropriate for creating real-world applications, we would like to invite a set of PHP and ColdFusion developers into a private pre-release program where you will be able to test the product for yourself. Your valuable feedback will help us create the right features prior to the public Beta later this year.

Please complete the following brief survey and we will contact you via email if you have been selected to participate.

The Adobe Flex Builder Team
1. Please provide your contact information
2. Approximately how many employees work at your company?
3. Which of the following best describes your organization?
4. Have you previously participated in an Adobe beta program?
5. For how long have you been developing web applications?
6. Please identify which of the following technologies you use
Zend Framework
7. What is your primary IDE for web development?
8. Do you use libraries of functions to abstract application logic? For example, ColdFusion Components or PHP Classes?
9. What type of application do you most often build?
10. What is the average number of developers working on your web projects?
11. What is the average length of development time for your projects, from kickoff until the application is live?
12. Do you use a non-English operating system?
13. The success of the pre-release program depends on your feedback. Are you able to commit to several hours of testing per week for several weeks?
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