Life Lion Customer Service Survey 1

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1. Please enter date and approximate time of transport.
2. Tell us a little bit about who you are, (Name, phone #, and e-mail are optional).
3. Please pick your provider level/certification/licensure.
Provider Level
Provider Level
4. Type of transport:
5. How would you rate the ease of requesting Life Lion?
Very PoorPoorOKGoodVery GoodN/A
Ease of requesting:
6. Did we arrive when we predicted?
Definitely LateA Little LateYesEarlyReally Early
On time?
7. Was the appearance of our staff acceptable?
Not so goodA Little RoughAverage, OKBetter Than AveragePicture Perfect
8. Was the staff courteous?
Really grumpy.A Little GrumpyYesBetter Than AverageExceptional
9. Was our staff knowledgable?
Need a lot of updating.Need a little updating.Yes.Smarter than the avarage bear.Exceptional.
10. Likelihood of recommending us to others.
Absolutely not.Maybe not.Yes.More than likely.Absolutely.
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