HRT Majors Student Information Survey

1. About you ...

1. Gender:
2. Indicate your age range:
3. Where did you live PRIOR to enrolling at CSU East Bay?
4. In which region do you currently reside?
5. Are you a transfer student?
6. Your academic classification:
7. What year did you declare your major?
8. How did you hear about the Department of Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism at CSU East Bay?
9. Which option are you pursuing?
10. If you have a minor, please enter it below.
11. Have you previously declared a major OTHER THAN an option in the Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism?
12. How many units do you generally take per quarter?
13. What is your current cumulative GPA?
14. Where would you like to work after graduation? (Indicate your interest on a scale from Very High to Very Low.)
Very LowLowAverageHighVery High
Adventure Challenge Programs & Environmental Recreation (fishing guide, back country guide, park ranger, etc.)
Commercial Recreation (ski resort management, multi-use recreation facility such as City Beach, etc.)
Conventions and Visitors Bureau
Fitness/Health Clubs
Public Recreation (sports leagues, aquatics, special events management, etc.)
Recreation Therapy
15. Where would you like to live and work after graduation?
16. For accreditation, we are asked about your work history. Could you please provide use with the following information for all four years you have been in college
17. Do you currently work?
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