Read to Me Partner Survey

1. Introduction to Read to Me partners

Thank you for completing this Read to Me Partner Survey. The information you provide is very valuable and enables the Idaho Commission for Libraries to better assist local libraries develop services that meet the needs of families and children in communities across the state. The questions ask you about your experiences being a library partner in the Read to Me program. Your opinions and feedback are very important to us and provide valuable feedback about our partnerships and how we can improve them. Your comments submitted through this online survey will be kept confidential. Information you provide will be used in reports, but no one will be identified by name or community. Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. [updated July, 2009]
1. What is the name of the Read to Me project you participated in with your library (check all that apply):
2. Please check the statement that describes your business or organization:
3. As a Read to Me library partner, what did you provide? (check all that apply)
4. How did your organization or business benefit from the partnership? (check all that apply)
5. How did the families you serve benefit from the partnership? (check all that apply.)
6. How did you become a partner with the library?
7. How could your partnership with the library be improved? (check all that apply)
8. Please share any other comments or feedback:
9. Can we share this information with your library partner?
10. Name of your organization (optional):
11. Name of the library you partnered with (optional):
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