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1. APSU AASAF Survey

Please take a moment to answer these questions. The survey is 100% anonymous and should take no more than five (5) minutes. Your participation in this survey is very important to us. Understanding how you perceive AASAF's purpose and effectiveness of program activities on campus will help us promote our social and cultural goals and objectives as it relates to education at APSU. Thank you!

We Value Your Opinion!
1. Are you a (an):
2. Are you a member of the African American Staff, Administrators and Faculty Association (AASAF)?
3. Do you have an issue with paying membership fees which are used to help underwrite AASAF's expenses such as refreshments, copying, printing and special programs?
4. Currently, AASAF meets on the 2nd Monday of every month from 12-1 pm. Does this time allow you to attend meetings?
5. Do you think AASAF develops and promotes socio-cultural activities that provide substantive interactions between all segments of the African American community on campus?
6. Do you think AASAF keeps you properly informed of upcoming program activities and events?
7. Do you think AASAF promotes unity and community among its members and campus-wide?
8. Do you think AASAF properly addresses issues related to the retention and graduation of African American students?
9. Do you think AASAF properly addresses issues related to the recruitment, retention, promotion and graduation of African American faculty and staff?
10. Do you think AASAF promotes congeniality and collegiality, and provides a professional support network system for faculty and staff?
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