Pet Product Market Research Questionnaire

1. Questionnaire

1. Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. I am compiling market research as part of the plans for a new business venture: a UK based web shop retailing contemporary pet products.

Please state your sex:
2. Please state your age:
3. How many dogs do you currently own?
4. Do you consider your dog to be a member of your family?
5. Is it important to you that your dogs 'belongings' complement your personal style and/or home interior?
6. Would you be happy to pay slightly more than the average pet shop price for high quality, unique and well designed products for your dog?

7. Have you ever purchased any products for your dogs via the
internet? (please type answer below)
8. On average what would you be prepared to pay for the following high quality products?
9. Would you be more inclined to buy products for your dog that are environmentally friendly and/or made from recycled materials?

10. If you would like to be notified of our launch via email and receive a 10% discount as a thanks for completing this survey please fill in your email address below.

(Please note your email address will only be used by us to send your 10% discount and notify you of our launch. The information you supply will not be passed to any third party companies.)

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