TMC Faculty Survey

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1. How would you rate the TMC in the following categories?
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryPoorVery Poor
Assistance for class preparation
Competence of Assistants
Friendliness of staff
Incorporation of technology in education
Learning environment
2. How would you rate the TMC website?
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryPoorVery Poor
Ease of navigation
3. Are you satisfied with the number of hours the TMC is open?
4. If you answered no to question 3, please explain why.
5. How could the services of the TMC be improved?
6. Do you find faculty communications from the Director favorable?
7. Do you use the TMC to administer tests to students?
8. If you answered yes to question 6, what comments do you have for the TMC regarding testing procedures?
9. General comments/concerns
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