Ramp Rolling Data

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Enter the results of your Ramp Rolling experiment here. You can fill out this form multiple times if you did more than one race. You can also submit your results via an excel spreadsheet emailed to the Society of Physics Students, sps[at]aip.org.

If you'd like to submit videos or pictures of your rolling experience, you can enter the URL(s) at the end of this form.
1. Contributor Information
2. Race results:
1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Tennis ball
Bicycle wheel
Car tire
Can of soup
Ball bearing
Hula hoop
Spool of thread
Empty soda can
Full soda can
Half-empty soda can
Jar filed with soapy liquid
Jar filled with water
Person on skateboard (but not pushing off the ground)
Person on bike (but not pedalling)
Person on tricycle (but not pedalling)
3. What kind of ramp did you use? (select one):
4. If you posted videos or pictures of your race on YouTube or another website, paste the URL(s) here:
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