KSU Ombuds Client Survey

Please take a moment to tell us about your interactions with the KSU Ombuds office. There are only twelve questions in this survey; we anticipate it will take less than five minutes. Your feedback will guide our efforts to improve services to the KSU community. Your responses are completely anonymous.
1. I was able to speak with an Ombuds in a reasonable amount of time.
2. The Ombuds listened to my concerns.
3. I was treated with fairness by the Ombuds office, without bias or prejudice.
4. I was treated with respect by the Ombuds office.
5. My discussion/s with the Ombuds office were kept confidential to my expectations (unless I gave the Ombuds permission to share some information).
6. Working with the Ombuds improved my ability to respond effectively to the situation.
7. Options for resolving my concern(s) were discussed.
8. Working with the Ombuds office saved time in resolving the situation.
9. Working with the Ombuds office saved money in resolving the situation.
10. Overall I was satisfied with the assistance I received from the Ombuds office.
11. With which ombuds did you consult?
12. Please add any comments or suggestions about the services of the ombuds office.
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