NYC Clojure User Group - Getting Started

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1. Rate your preference of where we should hold our meetings (1=lowest - 5 = highest)
Harlem/North of Central Park
Upper East Side
Upper West Side
Greenwich Village
SoHo and South
White Plains, Westchester
2. Rate your interest in what you would like to see in terms of Speakers for our group.
Not at all InterestedCan Tolerate itMildly InterestedVery InterestedExtremely Interested
Rich Hickey
Commercial use of Clojure
Academic use of Clojure
Tutorial Based Talks
Interactive Tutorials (follow along on your laptop)
Having no Speakers
3. How would you rate you interest in what you hope to get out of our group?
Not at all InterestedSomewhat InterestedMildly InterestedVery InterestedExtremely Interested
As a place to meet business contacts
Social meetup - Meet other Clojarians, dinner and/or drinks afterwards
Study group - learn more about using Clojure
4. Please leave any thoughts/ideas and what you would like to see for our group.
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