Siggraph2009 +1 Outreach Graphics Lab

1. Volunteer Information

Have a talent for connecting computer systems & monitors on a network or installing software? Do you like to paint? If so, we'd love to have you. We will be installing and connecting 40 computer systems in a graphics lab, routing cabling, painting a mural and putting a fresh coat of paint in the Graphics Lab at the Algiers Technical Academy in New Orleans. We'd love to have you join the SIGGRAPH 2009 Outreach Graphics Lab Volunteer Team!
1. When are you arriving in New Orleans for SIGGRAPH 2009?
Date and time
2. What time slot would you like to volunteer for? (check all that apply)
3. Describe your main area of professional expertise/experience/interest (check all that apply)
4. Do you have experience installing and configuring software?
5. Do you have experience networking PCs?
6. The Aligers Technical Academy is about 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans. Once in New Orleans at SIGGRAPH 2009, will you have your own transportation?
7. Contact info
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