Parent 2nd & 3rd Grade Reading and Math Summer School Survey

1. Parent Survey

1. What grade did your child just complete?
2. Please rate the following aspects of the summer school program:
Stongly AgreeSomewhat AgreeNo OpinionSomewhat DisagreeStrongly DisagreeN/A
Registration was simple.
Adequate time was given for registration.
Administrator was friendly and organized.
Subject matter was appropriate.
Program hours were appropriate.
Program was affordable.
Program was organized and ran smoothly.
Teachers made accommodations for my child's needs.
Teachers were friendly and inviting.
My child benefited from the reading portion of the program.
My child benefited from the math portion of the program.
I was pleased that the classrooms were air-conditioned.
The student progress report was helpful.
My child enjoyed the program.
I would like to see this program continue.
3. What did you like best about the program?
4. How can we improve the program?
5. Any additional comments:
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