Interactive Resource Center Needs Assesment Survey


1. Were you previously aware of the Interactive Resource Center?
2. Looking at the website (, what is your opinion of the page layout (check all answers that apply)
3. Which of the available resources do you feel are especially important? Check all that apply:
4. Regarding the browser (netscape, mozilla, safari, explorer) you are using. Do you see:
5. Regarding the kind of information on the website:
6. Do you think additional tutorials would be a useful resource?
If yes, on what topics?

7. Would you like to see detailed protocols for lab-related procedures such as how to design primers, how to clone PCR fragments, how to perform nucleotide/protein database searches, etc.?
8. Would you use a place for posting questions and comments to other website users?
9. Please tell us what is missing from the Resource Center, or give any general comments you have:
10. Can we contact you for clarification?
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