Medical Student Pre-Rotation Survey

We are pleased you have decided to include Summa Health System as a site for one of your elective rotations. Please take a few moments to share some feedback on your pre-rotation experience. We will use this information to improve our service to all of our medical students.
1. Is this your first elective rotation at Summa Health System?
2. How would you rate the on-line application process?
3. If you responded N/A to the question above, how did you apply for your rotation?
4. How would you rate the post-application information you received in each of these 4 areas?
Better than I expectedAbout what I expectedLess than I expectedN/A
1) Clarity in communication
2) Professionalism
3) Promptness of reply
4) Resolution of any concerns
5. Did you receive appropriate resources (such as id badge, scrub access form, & pager if applicable) before your rotation started?
6. Were all your questions answered sufficiently by Medical Education & Research staff?
7. In which clinical department is your rotation?
8. Please select the name of your rotation.
Thank you for sharing your feedback. Best wishes on your rotation experience!

The Medical Education & Research Team
Summa Health System
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