Negotiation Strengths and Weaknesses

1. Negotiation: A Skills Assessment Survey

1. Rate your confidence in the following negotiation skills:
Not at all confidentSomewhat confidentConfidentVery confident
Planning and preparation -- information gathering, analysis and logistical planning
Determining both sides' interests and inventing creative solutions to satisfy them
Controlling your emotions -- commanding reasonable authority, managing your temper, etc.
Dealing with negative emotions from the other side of the table
Teamwork -- everyone on your side of the table knows and shares your objectives and a commitment to achieving them
Knowing when to step away from the negotiation table -- and being able to really do it
2. In future editions of eSide, I'd most like to read articles on the following aspects of negotiation (check all that apply):
3. What aspect of the negotiations process makes you most uneasy?
Thank you for your feedback!
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