Satisfaction survey

1. Overall, how important is the library to you?
Not at all importantExtremely important
2. Do you have a Joplin Public Library card?
3. Overall, how satisfied are you with the services of the library?
Not at allVery satisfied
4. How well do the library's services meet your expectations?
Fall far shortExceed extremely
5. Overall, how do you rate the quality of the library's services?
Very lowTerrific
6. Would you recommend the services of the library to others?
Absolutely not Definitely yes
7. How likely are you to use the library's services again?
Not at allExtremely likely
Future use
8. Compared with other libraries you have used, the Joplin Public Library provides
9. When dealing with the library's staff. . .
Overall, you are satisfied with the experience
When called upon, staff provide useful assistance
Staff offer assistance without being asked
Staff respond in a professional manner
Your inquiries are answered efficiently
Your inquiries are answered promptly
The overall quality of service is excellent
It is easy to submit suggestions and comments
Staff seems to be working efficiently
Staff is courteous
Staff is welcoming
10. How long have you been using the Joplin Public Library?
11. How often have you used the library in the past year?
12. How often do you plan to use the library in the next year?
13. You use the Joplin Public Library for (choose all that apply)
14. To find information in the library in the past year, you have (check all that apply)
15. Please indicate all services of the library that you have used in the past year.
16. You are (select the best fit)
17. At the Joplin Public Library. . .
Totally disagreeTotally agreeN/A
Locating information and materials is quick and easy
I usually have success in finding the information I want
18. If you wish, you may add explanations or other comments or questions about library services here. If you would like an answer to a question, please include your email or mailing address. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts with us. We appreciate your feedback!
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