Mortgage Banker and Broker Demographics

1. Background

Access Mortgage Research, formerly known as Wholesale Access, is the leading research firm on the mortgage brokerage industry. We have produced data that has been used to support the industry in court cases and lobbying efforts for the past 20 years.

Recently, we have been increasingly asked by the press, leading lenders, regulators and politicians for up to date data on the size and health of the mortgage brokerage and banker industry. Based on these numerous requests, and inaccurate information in the press we believe there is a pressing need for data on small and mid-sized mortgage originators.

The goal of the survey is to collect and summarize accurate mortgage market data in order to
- correct misrepresentations about the mortgage industry in the press and among regulators
- instill greater levels of confidence in the broker/correspondent channels in the eyes of the top 20 wholesale and retail operations
- encourage more investors to join the business

All responses will be merged and presented as consolidated information to assure the complete confidentiality of the data provided. YOUR RESPONSES WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS. The survey will take approximately 3 to 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your support.

As a token of our appreciation, we will be doing random drawings from the list of names of people who completed the surveys. Winners will receive either an APPLE IPAD or a Starbucks Gift Card worth $100 for your office. The winners will be posted on Scotsman Guide Media's website

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