Summer Nights Evaluation Survey

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1. Please provide the following information about yourself.
2. How did you hear about the Summer Nights Series?
3. Which Summer Nights webinars did you attend?
4. Approximately how many sessions did you attend?
5. Please rate the following aspects of the Summer Nights Series based on the following criteria.
Needs ImprovementOKGoodExcellent
Length of Sessions
Audio Quality
Moderator Performance
Speaker Performance
6. Please rate each session individually based on the following criteria.
Impact: (Informative, Engaging and Helpful)Relevance and Applicability
Brief History of Islamic Legislation (Ustadh Yusuf Rios)
Lessons for the Student from Allah's Blessed Names (Ustadha Muslema Purmul)
Fiqh of Priorities (Ustadh Jamaal Diwan)
Fiqh of Fasting Hanafi (Imam Suhail Mulla)
Principles of Usool al-Fiqh (Imam Abu Majeed)
Tafsir and Servitude (Ustadh Yasir Fahmy)
Heart Softeners (Imam Suhaib Webb)
7. Suggestions for the Speakers (Please include a name if you would like your advice to be directed to a particular speaker):
8. Suggestions for the moderators:
9. What other topics would be of interest to you?
10. Other Improvements
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