Worship Service Survey

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1. How are we doing?
**Please rate the following aspects of your Sunday morning experience. (Each line requires an answer)
Parking Experience
friendliness of the Hostess and Ushers
cleanliness of the restrooms
Finding Your Way
Finding Information
Finding a Seat
Worship Experience
Song Selections
Sound Level in Worship Center
Temperature in Worship Center
Communication of UpComing Events/Activities
Look and content of the bulletin
Children's Church Check-In/out Process
Quality of Children's Church Program
Sermon-CD/DVD Ordering
1st Time Visitor Information
Quality and content of the video announcements (ALTV)
2. Do you feel comfortable inviting your friends to our service?
3. What level of confidence do you have in us to deliver a Sunday service experience that you desire?
4. Overall, is our performance ...
5. What do you consider to be the most important need in your life that can be addressed at our service? (i.e. Marriage, Parenting, Dating, Finances...)
6. How did you find out about our church?
7. Don't be shy... please provide suggestions or ideas on how we could improve our services and your experience in the box below
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