Bookstore Customer Satisfaction Survey

We value your opinions and would greatly appreciate if you would complete this brief survey to assist us in providing the best service to our customers. Less than five minutes is required to provide your important feedback to the Jefferson Bookstore.
1. In your most recent shopping trip, how would you rate your experience with the following:
Complete UnsatisfiedSomewhat UnsatisfiedSatisfiedExtremely SatisfiedN/A
Friendly & Knowledgable Staff
Variety/Quality of Merchandise
Store Signage
Ease of Locating Items
Communication about Store Special Events
Textbook Availability
Special Order Request
Online Ordering
2. Are you aware that the Jefferson Bookstore offers 10% off all book purchases?
3. Besides the price of textbooks, if you ran the Bookstore, what would be three things you would do differently than the Bookstore is doing right now?
4. Which of these categories best describes you?
5. Salesperson's Initials
This is a sample receipt with the salesperson's initials circled. Please use this as a guide to find the salesperson's initials on your receipt and answer question #5.
Image as described above
6. Additional Comments.
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