Horse Webinar Survey - Hay Supply

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1. The instructor presented the subject matter clearly:
2. The instructor adequately addressed questions:
3. I found this information useful in the management of my horse operation:
4. Based on this information, I plan to make at least one change in my horse operation:
5. This information will improve my ability to make more informed decisions regarding my horse operation:
6. To what degree were you satisfied with this webinar:
7. How many horses do you own or manage for other people:
8. How many acres do you own or rent that are designated for pasture or horse turnout:
9. What is your age:
10. What is your gender:
11. How would you describe yourself:
12. What horse related topics would you like to learn about in the future (Select Only 5 Topics):
13. Where is your horse operation located?
14. What is your preferred day and time to participate in future webinars?
15. Other comments are welcome:
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