Egg Prices

1. What are eggs worth to you?

Thanks ahead of time for sharing this with me!
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1. Where are you in this great big world?
2. Do you buy...
3. How much do you pay ($ USD) for 1 dozen of ..
99 cents or less$1.00 to $1.99$2.00 to $2.99$3.00 to $3.99$4.00 to $4.99more?!
white eggs?
brown eggs?
factory eggs?
organic eggs?
free range eggs?
cage-free eggs?
4. Are you going to stop buying eggs if they keep going up?
5. Have you ever thought about having your own backyard flock of layers (could be as few as 2 or 3)?
6. If you do not have a flock, why?
7. What question did I not ask that I should have?
8. If you feel like sharing anything else do so below!
Thanks again for your time!
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