Generic Insight Radio Survey

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1. What do you like best about Generic Insight Radio? Check all that apply.
2. What is your favorite style(s) of music?
3. Has Generic Insight Radio helped you discover any new music/new bands that you like?
4. How do you usually find out about new music or new bands?
5. Please rate what you feel is most important to least important as far as Generic Insight Radio goes.
Most ImportantLeast Important
Music we play overall
Ongoing coverage of unknown/lesser known/up and coming artists vs. "big" bands
Band Interviews Overall
Quality or specification of artists we interview
Barrie (hostess)
Diversity of music styles
6. What media player or program do you usually stream or listen to Generic Insight Radio through?
7. What other radio types/formats do you listen to?
8. Where in the USA are you located?
9. If outside of the United States, please tell us where you are located.
10. Please tell us your age range.
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